Room Details #1

Cable Photo Holder - Pylones // Candle - IKEA 

During a FaceTime call between myself and Katie we came up with the idea of 'Room Details' - a series of post showing the cutest things in your living space that you treasure or fancy showing. Katie's first room details is here.

Firstly, the picture above is in of one corners of my new bedroom, I moved into my room around three months ago and one of the things that I decided to do with the space was display pictures. I have a few pictures of myself, my sister and I and this particular one which also involves my grandma. I have a very small and close family so having pictures of family can really help me lighten up when I'm feeling down. I also love the way this candle glows on the pictures and the area around.

Map - IKEA

The opposite corner shows a decoration of much large scale. This is my beloved Atlas which is a beautiful vintage tone that my Dad went to great lengths to get for me (including a roof-rack on the car). I absolutely love it!! The picture doesn't really do it's vast size much justice but it really is big to the point where you have to step over to Japan from Mexico.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not like some sort of cheesy twelve year old that wants to travel the world, I just have a genuine interest. My largest dream at the moment is to have a holiday in Iceland so waking up every morning and seeing it floating around up-North makes me happy.

I also find that this is the main attraction to any visitors of my room. I've had several people talk about areas on the map instead of talking to me.

So, there's a few Room Details for now. 
I'll hopefully be back with some more again soon.
What places would you like to visit?
What things in your living space make you happy?


  1. I love the map! I couldn't agree with you more, I have a similar fascination with the world, and waking up to see a map of everything that's out there would just make me smile! I'm loving the maps that you can scratch off the places you have been too, but your's is beautiful :)

    Abby // SBW-D.blogspot.com x

  2. I love that Atlas! I've seen it in Ikea so many times, I love travelling and would love a huge Atlas to map everywhere I've been. Pictures are so important, I have a a sofa corner with lots of photos surrounding it which I love.

    Heather x

  3. The vintage map looks great!! I feel like having a map in your room is almost like an inspiration to travel! Maybe it's just me? Anyway the series sounds like a great idea, I can't wait to read the rest!

    Katie // http://zzandh.blogspot.co.nz/

    1. I agree, thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it :D

      Alice x



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