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I, like everyone, am guilty of having those products that just don't get the use they deserve. Almost all of the time, these products are fabulous, they just, for me, aren't natural enough for everyday use and then, when the weekend comes, I want to go bare faced or I just sort of forget and think "I'll use that tomorrow" and it just never happens...

Toni and Guy Sea Salt Spray
I bought this in a mini after lusting for it for over a year. I am the kind of person that touches their hair constantly-its not out of vanity its a nervous habit, I sit there plaiting my hair when I feel on edge. So this means, not only does it become greasy quickly, I also can't stand it feeling anything other than soft (I know) and I find this leaves my hair feeling...well beachy. I know this is inevitable as after all it is a 'Sea Salt spray', it has brilliant results, makes your hair look uber touseld and smells awesome but I still can't quite bring myself to spray it all over my hair in case it feels horrible. Plus I feel beachy hair is more summery. 

I bought this in a mini in Paris (out of sheer excitement of finding it, I got back and was like "damn this is literally going to last me about a week") so am taking every caution not to use it. Sometimes I'll feel reckless in the evening and use it to take off my eye makeup (wild I know) but most of the time I'm too scared to use it in case it runs out- the most makeup it takes off is the odd eyeliner misshap...oh dear. It really is brilliant however. You hold it over your eyes for a few seconds, wipe it away and the makeup is all dissolved-I really must bite the bullet and use this more often.

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
Granted, these products aren't the most Autumny but they've been on my 'I need to use these more often' list for a while. I have totally gone off wearing lip products(it won't stop me from buying them though!) as I just feel too 'done-up' wearing them but this is a gorgeous sheer, coral-its super glossy and exceptionally wearable-one I will definitely be dragging out of my collection the other side of Christmas.

Mac Lipstick in Peach Blossom
I bought this around June (there is a full review here) and used it religiously. Since the start of Year 11 I've taken a much more natural approach to makeup at school and most days wear nothing and so don't actually have much use for this (weekends I know but like I said previously I don't actually wear lip products that much) but it is honestly the perfect 'nude'. I say nude lightly because its just sort of a peachy (ish) glossy shine-it has a small amount of shimmer but I don't mind it, it's one of those lipsticks that just looks so radiant and glossy. I have a little trouble with nudes, I have olivey toned skin (more on the yellow-y spectrum-nice *sarcastic*) so most just look like concealer on me so something light (such as Peach Blossom) is perfect.

Topshop Cream Blusher in Afternoon Tea
Now this one isnt so much as a neglected one as a "Product I have finally found how to wear and make look flawless". At first glance, its the brightest pretty pink-something I would be totally terrified but it works down into a lovely flushed dusting, it has the perfect creaminess- easy to apply but becomes powder once worked into the skin and I am so glad I have began using this again-its beautiful!

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara
I have been a religious use of Benefit They're real, it just feels comfortable-I can trust that at the end of the day I will still look like I have eyelashes but won't have circles of black around my face. But one day this week, as I fancied a change, I popped this on and my god. It really is fab. It creates super full, intense black lashes, holds a reasonable curl and didn't end up on under my eyes. It is also (almost) half the price of They're Real so I should use this more...

Katie x


  1. I've always wanted to try Juicy Papaya, it looks gorgeous! The Topshop cream blushes look nice too but I can never decide which shade to go for. :)

    1. Both are lovely, very spring like shades-the texture of the blush is beautiful! Thanks for commenting x

  2. I never really got into salt sprays either, just don't like the idea of having crispy, dry hair!

    Bethan Likes

    1. Haha finally someone who agrees! I like my soft hair XD

  3. love your posts <3 I need to try the max factor mascara now haha xx

  4. I have the got2be salt spray and if I just spritz it on, it doesn't dry my hair out, it stays soft, so hopefully the Toni and Guy one will be the same - I think you should give it a try!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you-Ill definitely have to give it a go!x

  5. there's so many products here that i'm also guilty of neglecting! haha

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. enter my £660+ huge xmas beauty giveaway, if you like! click here.

  6. Love this post! Max Factor mascaras have never let me down! I have used Toni&Guy sea salt spray and I also prefer beachy hair in the summer.




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