Essie Autumn/Winter

I recently bought 3 pretty Essie nail varnishes ready for the Autumn/Winter. You'll never guess what?! They were only £2.49 each!!
After you've read this post, head over to Fragrance direct (here) to get your Essie nail varnishes whilst they are still on the offer. I am spreading this news so excitably because Essie nail varnishes are usually so damn expensive and these are a fantastic price and value.
The range of colours is across 30 colours all of which are winter shades with a few brighter ones thrown in the mix. The bottle size is 13.5ml which you would usually pay £7.99 for.
So I got 3, they included:
-Cashmere Bathrobe (left)
-Vested Interested (middle)
-After School Boy Blazer (right)
My favourite one is After School Boy Blazer which is a very deep navy, almost black, like the night sky. It is my favourite because it goes with my winter coat and I also love the way the blue tint catches under light.
I suggest that you check the colours on the Essie website by name because Fragrance direct doesn't portray them very well. However, I ordered Cashmere Bathrobe under the impression that it was a solid colour whereas it is actually glittery. This doesn't bother me at all - I still think it's gorgeous - but both the Essie and Fragrance direct website didn't show this.
Lastly, Vested Interested is a deep khaki that could almost class as a misty teal. This is, so far, the only one that I have tried out because I'm taking a trip to London. It is so beautiful and I personally think it contrasts well with my skin tone. The quality of the nail varnishes are (as ever) great.
This is what Vested Interested looks like applied:

OK, now you can go and buy tonnes of nail varnishes :)
Let me know if you do!


  1. I was deciding between Vested Interested and Parka Perfect but I wish I went for Vested Interested now, it looks lovely on the nails! I'm still undecided whether I like Parka Perfect but I completely snapped up the £2.49 offer too! X

    1. Parka Perfect is also a gorgeous colour though!! Thank you, whilst the offer is still running you should get Vested' :)

  2. I desperately need After School Boy Blazer ! xo


  3. looks so lovely on your nails! x

    1. Aww thanks a lot!! I love how shiny it is :o

      Alice :D x



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