Dealing With Change

It's a very common thing for people to find change difficult. Whether it is something small or something life changing it can be a strange prospect for them.
I find change difficult. I only came to terms with this a short while ago and noticed that it is something that can be quite daunting. Some people would recognise this as a form of anxiety and I would agree in the fact that this sprouts from my homesickness. But I'm not going to moan about it, instead I am going to tell you how you can deal with it.
Some changes that I have experienced or am experiencing lately, and how I deal with them, include:
Waa, waa! Yes, I know. Everyone thinks it's just a steady ride and you're hella wrong. I'm well and truly, stuck in the mud, in year 11. This is my final year at school which means they are just about ready to chuck a load of exam papers at me and say 'good luck'. The scary part is that I am now packing my bags and getting ready to leave. After those exams are done I have to start a completely new routine and I will never go back ever again.
If you are on the same page or can even apply this to your situation then all I would say for this one is: "let it happen'. It'd destined to happen and you must have done it before. To get from primary school to secondary school is the same kind of leap. Think of it as moving from your bedroom to the kitchen - it doesn't mean your bedroom disappears... it just means you want food.
I'm officially applying for colleges. I have decided what I would like to do in the long term and for me that wasn't too much of  a difficult task but it is what I have to choose as A levels that is difficult. It is starting to hit me like 'what if I don't like the subjects?', 'what if I don't like the college?'
My main advice for this is: relax. Have a KitKat. Talk to everyone around you. Ask your teachers 'what A-Levels did you do? Why? Did you like them?', ask your parents, friends, brothers, sisters, cat, dog. I even spoke to a careers adviser and, believe me, they helped a lot. Nothing is permanent - you are free to do what ever you like (to some extent).
This will sound overdramatized. I have recently moved into a new bedroom. For 15 years I was cooped up in a cosy, single, box-bedroom and I was fine with it. Sometimes I would be a bit jealous of big rooms and even the idea of storage space. However when my sister moved out the Uni and I was awarded with a double room, I was a little scared. It may sound small, but it is a big change. I could watch the slow process of things disappearing from my room until one day I was in this large room, with too much ceiling space, a warm side of the bed and a cold side and that was my room.
I got over this over time and it took a bit of getting used to. If you are moving rooms, house, to Uni flats or more then the key is to pack it with things that you're interested in. For example: I have a huge map and I have my books on display. Blog about it, point out the things you love (I'll have a post up eventually). Finally, put memories on display. If you keep a watch out on this space you'll see exactly how I've done that.
I just want you to know, that change is ok and the scary part of it can be overcome.
Write down all the positive things about that
 change and make it happen in the best way possible.
e.g. New friends, new opportunities, new skills, etc.

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