10 Things I Love About Autumn

 If you know me then you will definitely know that Autumn is by far my favourite season. Yes, it rains and can be cold but for me that is an excuse to by the cutest umbrella and cosiest scarf. This Autumn especially, I am fully prepared to embrace the golden glory.

In this post I am re-visiting a post that I did last year however a few things have changed this time. The main change is that this year I went out on a little photography spree in my garden to capture everything Autumn-y. All these pictures are what I snapped in my back garden.


So here are the 10 things that I love about Autumn:

1. Colours
Red, orange, mustard and more are the colours that really spring to mind when I think of Autumn. They are so warm and gentle on the eyes. They are all around, on clothes, trees and nail varnish. Yes, bring out the dark nail varnishes.

2. No More 'Too Hot'
If you know me well enough you've probably experienced my constant moaning whilst being 'too hot' in the summer. Honestly, if you follow me on twitter then you've probably seen my complaints over there too. I just hate being too hot, so as Autumn strikes I will be happily chilling.

3. Onsies
Honestly, these haven't quite made their appearance yet because its not quite cold enough. I also understand that this craze has kind of died down now - yet I'm still going to be digging my onsie out of the wardrobe this autumn for a cosy night in.

4. Scarves & Warm Jumpers
If its cute and cosy, I'll have it. You've probably discovered that by now. I recently bought a new scarf which is mega soft and the colours are gorgeous. Also, all year round I'm searching for jumpers and now is the time to chuck them on.

5. Boots
Goodbye sandals! I'm wrapping my feet up now with boots and oxfords to keep my ankles toasty. I love wearing boots because I have quite long legs so they make me look a little bit shorter.

6. Dark Lips
Every thing great becomes acceptable. Plum is my favourite colour to wear in the Autumn and Winter. It can be quite daring for some people but lets just do it.

7. Christmas
Shhh... I didn't say that. I know its slightly early to be nattering about Christmas and its also not even in Autumn but OMG it's Christmas sooner than you think. All the Christmas departments are open and Lush are spoiling us all with their new Christmas collection. I'm really not a fan of Halloween and Bonfire Night so, for me, the next festivities are Christmas.

8. Dark Nights
Ok, I know they can be dangerous and spooky but on the bright side a dark night is what makes the fire glow brighter and the hot chocolate warmer. I enjoy looking at the stars too (as you can tell by my Constellation Cushion) so dark sky means more stars, yippee!

9. Candles
Duhh, candles are the best and I burn them on repeat from September to April. For me they can sometime be the ultimate de-stressor. I have found that after a long hard school week, I can unwind with the flicker and delicious smell of a candle. Autumn is the best for candles because smells such as ginger, cinnamon and caramel are gracing the shelves.

10. Edinburgh
I'm not Scottish nor do I live there but I love to visit Edinburgh at Christmas. It's an odd one to put in my 'favourite things' because it's quite a broad answer. I understand that for some people its a long travel but it's not too long from me. I love the way it's even colder in Scotland so it's like doubling winter. I can wear boots, scarves, jumpers, dark lips and nails all at once. It's also an annual thing for my family because we all love the shopping, views, culture and Irn Bru of Edinburgh.

I really enjoyed writing this post, I was so much fun.
What is your favourite place to be in Autumn/Winter?



  1. I loved this post! The photos are gorgeous. I also love mustard yellow for autumn time, I bought the new Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Mustard yesterday and it's so pretty on!

    Lauren x

    1. Yey!! Next time I get a new nail varnish it will be that one because I've been lusting over it for a while :o
      Thank you!:)

      Alice x

  2. Lovely photos! I definitely favour Autumn over the hotter seasons. I sure don't think it's too early to be thinking about Christmas at all ;-)

    Amelia xxx

  3. I love Autumn as well and it's pretty funny that yersterday I posted the post about my favorite things about Autumn!
    Miglė x
    | Meet Me On The Balcony

  4. Is this your photography?! Its amazing quality, what camera do you use if you don't mind me asking? Followed you on Bloglovin :) xx

    1. Yes this is my photography, thanks :). The camera that I use is the 'SONY Alpha SLT-a35' which can be expensive but for its quality and diversity it's an amazing piece of equipment. If you're not willing to splash that much money then my advice it to use light, at the end of the day that is how a camera works. These pictures wouldn't have been of such quality if I hadn't used the correct lightening.

      Thanks again and I hope this helped, Alice x



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