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On my holiday I visited Ibiza as one of the ports and it was MEGA hot so the only thing we did was a bit of shopping. I visited KIKO and bought a few things including these 4 nail varnishes (the other products will be reviewed in future posts).

[In order shown on picture]

Nail Care - Gel Look - Ultra Glossy Effect Top Coat
I love trying out different top coats and I find that they are either super good or rubbish. This top coat leans towards the 'super good'. It's has a subtle packaging and the advertising isn't the typical fast-dry-super-glossy-best-top-coat-in-the-world-buy-me sort. It does what it says on the tin as well as the expected properties of glossy, long lasting and fast dry. Also it has a bargain price of £4.90.

Nail Lacquer in 235 - Pearly Orange
I love orange because it is a summer colour and an Autumn colour. It's a really fun colour to wear throughout both seasons. I have already worn it once on my nails and it lasted around 1 week. Great price of only £3.90

Nail Lacquer 228 - Sparkle T. Transparent Microglitter
Basically this was a re-purchase of the half empty bottle that I have. KIKO is not yet spread around the UK so I had to get another whilst I was there because I didn't want to be left without it if I ran out. It's a fabulous sparkle and can be used above any colour. Again, £3.90.

Nail Lacquer 261- Sparkle T. Pearly Amethyst
Very, very similar to 228 but it has purple/pink glitters instead of silver. I have never had this one before and I really love the way it looks on top of nail varnishes. I would say that it doesn't suit all colours unlike 228, it mainly goes with navy, pink and purples. Meanwhile, it's also more pearly and I think the glitter should be a bit bigger.

It's been a while since a nail post so I hope I brought it back well.
What's your favourite top coat?


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