KIKO Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks in Venus Pink

I've not been too well this week because I got my winter cold. However, I have been hanging on to the last of the summer make up looks. I bought this product in the summer and its a fantastic addition to my make up collection.

 This is a soft pink colour that you can use to add colour to your lips or cheeks. I use this on my cheeks the most because it is a bit too light for my lips but you can get a few different colours, maybe I will get a different one to suit my lips. I believe that these are limited edition and I don't know how long they are in stores for but if you find one I think that you should definitely get one!

The consistency of the product is very light but quite sticky. At first I was a bit startled by the stickiness but once it was on my face and settled it didn't feel tacky and left an adorable rose tint to my cheeks. I wear this a lot because it's not too in-your-face, is very subtle and easy to blend.

The great thing about this colour is that you can wear it in the summer because it's fair and fresh whereas you can wear it in the winter for a frost-pinched, 'just been outside in the snow' look.

Lastly, KIKO has been so generous with the product amount. The tin is fairly deep and will last a while because you only need to use a small amount at a time. Yippee!

So, versatile and adorable, this blush is definitely up there with my favourites.

What is your favourite tone of blush?



  1. I love the look of that colour for blush! I've not tried a cream blush long enough to get on with one so i'll definitely have to experiment more, the KIKO ones look great!

    Amy X

    1. Cream blushes are my favourite, they're so easy to apply :)

      Alice x

  2. Looks beautiful, I need to try this as soon as possible :)




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