How To: Braid Bun

I have long hair so I often like to put it up in pony tails, plaits or buns. One of the recent hair styles that I discovered was a braid bun. This is really easy to do, especially for medium to long length hair. You will need a hair brush, one average sized bobble and braid-bands or thin bobbles. There are 4 main steps to this, its just so easy.

 Firstly, brush your hair gently. Then gather your hair into a pony tail not too low unless you want a low bun however this one is a top-knot.

 Secondly, separate the ponytail into two sections. One of the sections needs to now be separated in to three then form a classic plait which is simply the cross over of all three sections. Once the plait is complete tie it at the end then repeat on the other of section the ponytail.

It should turn out like this:

Next, twist the plaits together around the ponytail's bobble. The key is to not let the hair rise up and keep re-twisting until you feel like it's good for you. Also, it helps to twist them in the same direction to stop the cross over at the base. Grip the plaits into place, if any of the bobbles are showing then just cover it with hair and grip it down.

Make sure you grip all around the bun including the back. There you have it easy-peasy braid bun great for in a rush or a sophisticated up-do.
What's your favourite hairstyle?


  1. This looks lovely, such a pretty and quick idea to do for school or college! I'll definitely be giving it a go!

    Great post!

    Amy X



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