Summer To Do List: The Picnic

Enjoying the summer doesn't have to be expensive or too difficult. Simply inviting your friends over for a hang out and a picnic can create memories and lots of fun and laughter. My friends and I plan on having a proper picnic, however in the meantime we settled for my back garden where we laid out a rug and few plates of food including sandwiches, crisps, cake bars and Capri-Suns. 

Of course any activity that happens in Pepsi's garden has to be examined by himself, so he took a trip over to see us. He definitely had a look at the food to make sure if there was anything spare (which there wasn't, he just sat there peacefully and sniffed the air every-now-and-then). 

We were really lucky with the weather and the sun came out so I took a few pictures and we soaked up the sun. I tried my hardest to keep my friends well covered in SPFs. They still told me that they burnt... Oh dear.

Do you like picnicking? I love it :)


  1. Picnics are always fun! x
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  2. This looks so cute, I'll definitely have to do this if the sun decides to make an appearance one last time before A/W. I love your dresses!

    Amy X

  3. I've never tried picnicking with my friends but after seeing your post I am inspired to! I also love all your dresses!!! I nominated you for the Liebester award (here are the details http://heyitisjess.blogspot.ae/2014/08/The-liebster-award.html?m=1 )

    - Jess xxx



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