August Random Favourites

Back in May I did my May Random Favourites and I found that it hit off well and a lot of people liked it, so this August I'm back with another random favourites. These posts are also really fun to do and for the readers who might prefer lifestyle posts over beauty/fashion.
An app:
I visit the dentist a lot due to my brace so it is suitable to have a game on my phone that keeps me occupied in the waiting room. This month I downloaded SNAKE!SNAKE!SNAKE! which is basically just a modern version of the traditional Snake game. This version has 3 modes: Classic, Endless and Arcade. My favourite is Arcade because the snake changes colour.
Also, Vine. I know! I have only just got Vine and I don't really know why. I only use it to watch the comedy Vines and ones from people/celebrities I know. My favourite Viners so far are Ansel Elgort, Jerome Jarre, Zachary Piona and Brandon Calvillo.
A Book:
On holiday I read Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. I was worried in case I wasn't going to enjoy it but I was so wrong. Within 5 days of my holiday I had finished it. I was a great feel-good book with an exciting plot and great characters. It's definitely one of my favourites.
A YouTube Channel:
Firstly, the YouTube channel that I newly discovered this month is Sorted Food. I love watching cookery shows and chefs and I really enjoy cooking and baking. Sorted is a group of 4 guys that cook different, easy meals. They are great fun to watch because they're really funny and inspiring. Go Subscribe!
Lana Del Rey is one of may all time favourite musical artists and she recently brought out a new album called Ultra Violence - its perfect. The songs aren't for everyone because they are sometimes quite slow but I really love the way they are so gritty and the lyrics are so concentrated. My favourite songs on the album so far would be Ultraviolence, Shades Of Cool, West Coast and Black Beauty.

Also, Australian YouTuber Troye Sivan has brought out an EP called TRXYE and I love all of the songs on it. The songs are similarly indie like Lana's but with more of a dance theme. It consists of 5 songs, my favourites are Fun and Gasoline. You should check them out.

Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter has been an  extra favourite this month. With painting my nails more whilst off school I have been using this to finish off the look and I have re-kindled my love for it.



  1. I love the way you write and I really enjoyed this little mix up on the usual favourites and I now want Lemony Flutter- I love lemon!

    Great post!

    Amy X

  2. I really want to read Will Grayson Will Grayson! Great post xx



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