My Summer To Do List

Now that summer is on the sunny horizon, I decided to write a Summer To Do List that was inspired by PointlessBlog's video. I've chosen 10 things that are very random. I may end up fulfilling all of them or a few, maybe even more.
I'm going to document these activities on my blog under the label #SummerToDoList.
  • Go to a theme park. I didn't often go to theme parks until my friends came along because they have been more times than me and love it. Last summer we took a trip to Flamingo Land and it was a great sunny day with lots of fun. I'd love to make it a tradition this summer and re-visit Flamingo Land or go to a different theme park.
  • Make ice lollies. Using yogurt and fruit, I would love to make some healthy ice lollies this summer because I've been wanting to for a while. Whether its with my friends or family, I think it'd be a fun idea.
  • Read at least 5 books. I'm off for 6 weeks in the summer (phew) so I have set my self the simple target of reading 5 books, one per week (I've left myself a one week gap because I'm going on a 2 week holiday and all the activities there will slow down my reading). I don't know if I definitely will reach this target because I will be busy completing my Summer To Do List, however I will try.
  • Have a picnic. I really want to go to a nice little field or relaxing area with my friends to have an amazing picnic. I feel like my previous picnic attempts have failed so this time I want it to be as clique as can be. A rug, strawberry lemonade, scotch eggs and finger sandwiches and maybe even some of my homemade ice lollies.
  • Have a BBQ. I don't care where but I'd love to have a hearty BBQ this summer.
  • Go to the beach with friends. After a trip to the beach I realised that it'd be great to go with my friends sometime. I'm not a lover of the beach (the sand gets everywhere) but I think there is a possibility that I could be transformed if I experience fun and create memories there.
  • Go to Chester Zoo. I'm a huge animal lover and Chester Zoo is like heaven. The amount of animals is amazing. No matter how old I get I will always get excited about zoos. Also, they I went last year and they had new tiger cubs, I'd look forward to seeing them all grown up.
  • Bake something new. I'm not sure what, but id love to bake something that I've never done before. Maybe custard tarts because I loooove them.
  • Make jewellery. I have all the clasps and jump rings for making jewellery so I'd love to make some wearable jewellery, like a bunting necklace or other statement necklaces.

  • Try something new. Alfie included this in his video as an open space to do something I've never done before. I literally have no idea what I'll be doing, lets wait and see.
What's on your Summer To Do List?


  1. 5 Books? Blooming heck, I'd be lucky to find enough time to read 1! Haha, lovely post, I hardly ever go to Theme parks too! :)

  2. I know, I'm not sure if that is a bit ambitious, there's no harm in trying!:)
    Thank you!:)

    1. You're not wrong there, go big or go home! No problem :)

  3. Great summer to do list. I think I would fail this as I barely ever find time reading but I would loooove to go to the zoo, have not been for a while. I miss all the animals x


  4. I think this was such a lovely post and I loved reading this! It has inspired me to make my own Summer to do list!!

    - Jess xx

  5. Your To-Do List is very nice :)
    Take care x
    Serena from http://serenbird.blogspot.com/

  6. I love your to do list. I think everyone wants to have a BBQ during the summer, and I must admit with the weather being so lovely we must have all succeeded.

    The penguins and elephants are my favourite at Chester Zoo, I bet the tiger cubs were so cute last year!

    I did a list too after watching Alfie's video, and I think I've managed to get a couple of things crossed off so far, but I definitely want to do them all x

    Beth Tinkerbell

    1. I have ticked off 4 of my things so far, some I won't get to do but as long as I enjoy the others I will be happy :)

      Thank you!:)
      Alice x



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