Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

On Thursday 12th of June I had the honour of visiting my local cinema to watch the exclusive viewing of new film The Fault In Our Stars. The tickets were a whopping £13.10 but it was completely worth it because it included a once-only Q&A with the cast, a massive limited edition poster, a fan screening pass and a book mark (shown above).
If you don't know what The Fault In Our Stars is: Firstly, where have you been? The Fault in Our Stars a 2014 movie that is abbreviated to TFIOS, and was released 19th June in UK. It's an extraordinary story about a two teenagers (Hazel and Gus) with cancer who fall in love and there is a difficult journey along the way. The outstanding novel, written by John Green, is heart wrenching and takes you to the highest and lowest levels of emotion.
I read the book back in January after I had gotten it for Christmas. As soon as the announcement for the film circled around, I decided that I'd read it first. Just as I started reading it the trailer for the film was released and I refused to watch it because I didn't want it to spoil my image of Hazel and Gus. But after seeing the film they made my image of Hazel and Gus complete.
The film's main characters is cleverly performed by upcoming actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort who both play stunningly throughout the whole film. I would give a special award to Ansel because his performance was out-of-this-world in one particular scene.
I cried a lot, it was amazing.
I saw the film again exactly 1 week later.
I cried again.
The only criticism I could possibly give to the film is that there were certain scenes that I wanted to be in that weren't there and the ending wasn't <spoiler> 'I do Augusts. I do.' it was 'Okay? Okay' - which I want too bothered about because it really emphasised the iconic quotes.
Overall it was one of those film in which you leave and you just think 'OMG, what just happened?'. You feel completely effected and just fall in love with the story.
Unless you are Bertie Gilbert who I feel gave a shockingly unfair review to the film - it annoyed me ...
I completely recommend for you to go and see.
I hope you enjoy(ed) it too.


  1. I loved the movie too! But there were little details I wished they had put in there, like Hazels Best Friend, Isaac's video game console he uses when he loses his sight and the scene in the Mall with the little girl, I know they filmed it but I'm gutted the cut it! Still, the movie was brilliant, I cried like a baby, such a credit to the book!

    1. There was also a part where Gus' mum was supposed to tell Hazel's mum about Gus' cancer that wasn't there :(
      I cried a lot too!:)
      Thank you!:)

  2. I loved the film! I watched it yesterday and I'm still thinking about it now. One thing I would have loved to have seen was Gus's ex girlfriend, but I get why they wouldn't have put it in. As a lover of the book, I don't think I could have asked for more from the movie! x

    whatlaurendidtoday.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Yes! I loved how you could just tell that it's a John Green novel by watching the movie :)
      I still definitely think that everyone should try and read the book before they watch the film :)

      Alice x

  3. I really loved the film too!! I just wish they could have included everything! The video games, the trip to the mall, looking online for Gus' ex girlfriend, the part before their leaving for Amsterdam and they hear Gus fighting with his parents.
    But it was still a great film and I can't wait to buy it once it comes out on DVD! :)

    1. I think (think) they might have decided to do an early release on the DVD for September, yey!

      Alice x



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