Topshop Cream Blush in Flush

Yay! I've finally got a blush. I've been very wary of buying a blush because I do have naturally rosy cheeks however I took the risk and purchased a Topshop Cream Blush in Flush when Topshop was doing a free-delivery offer on the website. I ended up getting this for only £5.40 (with student discount and various offers) which is a bargain!
Here's a short review:
I originally set eyes on this when I realised that quite a few bloggers where 'raving' about it and I was undecided between Flush or Head Over Heels. I ended up with flush which is a coral colour, very on the pink side.
With cream blushes, you can apply them with any application. When I first got it I tried using it by dabbing a brush in then putting it on my cheek. I then tried using my fingers to pat dots on my cheek then blend with a brush, which I found a lot easier. It's also really good for blending, if you think 'oh dear, that's a bit much' then you can just carry on blending and it will eventually fade to the tone you want.
It's a great colour for a fresh look for summer and a frost-bitten tint in winter.
I'm so glad that I chose this to be a starter blush and I'd recommend it to anyone who is debating whether to get a blush.
Top marks Topshop!!;)
There's a possibility that there wont be a post next week because my exams are starting this week so I'm very busy with revision, sorry. There could be if I find time but thanks for understanding if not :)



  1. Sounds good, I'm very tempted to buy a Topshop blusher! Cream blushes are definitely best applied with fingers, I don't understand how people can even use brushes with them haha

    Efflorescent Dream



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