Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 110

 I've wanted one of the Kate Moss lipsticks for about a year but I was always put off by the fat that they're matte. Some of my regular reader might know that matte lipsticks don't sit well on my lips too often.
I got this for my birthday and it leaves a lovely finish and isn't too matte.
The Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks are a great collection of lipsticks with a wide range of colours. They come with the price tag of around £5.50 which is a great price for these lipsticks.
It is a lovely orange toned red which is very bold. I like this because it's a great red for the summer and autumn. I have some new summery clothes that have this colour in and also it can be a great colour to take on holiday.
The colour is also extremely pigmented, I don't often apply it to the max but it's definitely a strong colour.
The packaging of the lipstick is suitable and difficult or awkward. I don't like the smell, it just smells like chemicals, so I wish it had some sort of scent.

Also, my friend has just started a blog, check it out here.

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