Benefit 'Full Glam Ahead' Kit

As a birthday gift I received the Benefit 'Full Glam Ahead' kit which has 3 mini benefit products. They are really tiny but I guess they're good enough for sample sizes. Here's the mini reviews on each of these mini products:

  • Stay Don't Stray is a concealer/eyeshadow primer and I used it under concealer but didn't really see any apparent result. The colour was suitable and over all I think it's a fair product. I'm yet to use it on my eyes as an eyshadow primer.
  • High Beam high lighter is my favourite out of them all and I love the packaging. I've always wanted this product since I first laid eyes on it. I use it on the bones of my eyebrows and my cheekbones. It's a delicate baby pink shade with a shimmery sparkle. I would love the full size of this eventually.
  • Bad Gal Lash mascara is very underrated because of benefit's most-loved contender 'they're real'. I personally wouldn't say I preferred this one to 'they're real' because the brush is huge, however I definitely don't think it should go as un-mentioned as it is. This mascara is great for those wanting more volume but I tend to search for lengthening mascaras.
It's a great kit to buy and a handy gift for friends.
Do you love any benefit products?


  1. Ooo I got a Benefit kit for my bday this year too :)! (The 'Primping with the Stars' one) Each product is a nice size to be able to get to know what ya like and don't like - mine came with the Stay Don't Stray one too, haven't used it yet though, I really like the UD Primer Potion but it'll be cool to see if another works as well! I'm liking the They're Real mascara quite a lot right now :) but I've looked at the Bad Gal Lash before too - good to hear you liked it!!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

    1. I'd love to try the other benefit kits to, as you say, get to know the products :)
      Thank you!:)



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