What's In My Fizz Tank?

For Christmas I received a Lush 'Fizz Tank' which is basically just a pot in which you store your lush products in. I keep this pot in my bathroom and it currently contains some of my favourite bubble bars. It only has bubble bars because I loooove them and I'm not sure how my skin will react to bath bombs.
So, I have 4 Lush products in my 'Fizz Tank' and this is all that'll fit in so unfortunately for those with a major Lush stash, you'll need more than one 'Fizz Tank'.

My Fizz Tank includes:
French Kiss:
This on is in the top left (below), it couldn't be on show because it's basically lumps of crumbled bubble bar. It's great for a good relax because it smells of lavender. I'm not usually a fan of lavender but I think that this bubble bar may be converting me.
Yuzu & Coco Bubbleroon:
This is only half of the whole Yuzu & Coco bubble bar because I've used this a lot. A quarter of the bar gives one bubble bath so you can get about 4 baths out of one of these. This one doesn't have a particular smell but it's very moisturising and full of smell (whatever the smell is).
The Christmas Penguin:
This one is no longer on your Lush shelves but I'm sure you'll know how cute it looked. Again this one is just the 2nd half of the penguin, I've used it's head in a bath and it's nose is floating around somewhere in the bottom of the bag. It leaves the bath a gorgeous turquoise colour that looks like some sort of aquarium. The smell is very fresh and clean, prefect for a bath.
Rose Jam Bubbleroon:
This is one of my favourites. If you have smelt the Rose Jam shower gel then you should know what this smells like. I think of this as Yuzu & Coco's sister because it's the same shape and is also moisturising. This smells like roses but with a sweet tinge; it's not sickly sweet though.



  1. I love your blog

  2. I love your blog! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, look at my recent blog post to find out more x


    1. Thank you!:) the post will probably be up in February x

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    1. Yeah it is a great gift because you can fill it with all sorts of Lush goodies x



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