Review: Real Techniques Core Collection

For Christmas I recived the lovely gift of Real Technique brushes off one of my friends, which I was over the moon about. I'm no professional with brushes and these are my first brushes. For these to be my first brushes it is really exciting and I am very lucky. I have learnt that using make up brushes isn't something you can either do or not do, it is a skill that takes time and a lot of practice.

The core collection includes 4 brushes. All full-size and very soft and fluffy, yet synthetic and cruelty-free. It came with a case that holds the brushes and two extras. The case is able to be flipped in order to stand up which is great for a place to keep them and for when you travel. At the moment mine are still perched up in their case however, I plan to find a cute pot to put them in. 

The brushes included are:

Detailer Brush: advised to be used for concealer or lips but I often use this for areas around my eyes.

Pointed Foundation Brush: advised to be used for foundation. I use this for BB cream and concealer.

Buffing Brush: I use this for it's suggested purpose which is overal coverage of powder.

Contour Brush: useful for contouring (obviously), I use this for highlighting too. 

I really love these brushes, I'd recommend them to everyone. I'd also really like the 'Starter Set' which is a collection of eye brushes. That set is on my 2014 Wishlist.




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