MAC Lipstick: Lovelorn

 I've always had difficulty finding the right MAC lipstick for me. If you're a common reader to my blog then you will know that matte MAC lipsticks don't sit too well on my lips. Luckily my mum did some research and surprised me with a MAC lipstick for Christmas. This one is a Lustre lipstick and it's a lot more moisturising on my dry lips.

This is actually my first MAC product! I really what to try some of their other products such as the eye shadows or powders. I feel a lot more trusting towards these lipsticks now that I know what collection I should be looking for.

 Lovelorn is a blue-pink perfect for everyday wear. It's great for flushed lips in winter and bright/soft lips in summer. I was over the moon by the colour because it's a colour that I've been searching for, for a while. The colour is a lot more pigmented than I expected because sometimes moisturising can decrease the colour show. There's no drag when I apply it, and it lasts hours. Also, I personally think it smells of white chocolate... Mmm, delicious.

I think I might treat myself to another colour, maybe orange or coral.
What colours would you recommend?
what MAC products would you recommend?



  1. I do love MAC lipstics, and their range of colors is just incredible :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Yeah, and I'd really like some different colours :)

  2. Ah it's so nice that you're really pleased with this lipstick! There's nothing better than getting a lot of use out of a present! It looks like such a lovely shade. I own two Mac lipsticks, Morange and Impassioned. Impassioned is honestly incredible it is my all time favourite lipstick while Morange is a really striking true orange but it does tend to not be that long lasting on me I find! Also their Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is a really good investment! x

    1. Yeah, Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle was one to consider :)

  3. i would recommend myth lipstick from mac which i think is a perfect nudeish lipstick its a satin finish if you would like to see a swatch of it ive got one on blog if you interested of buying it?xx



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