Boots Beauty Advent Calendar: Days 8-14

It's creeping closer and closer to Christmas. I've been opening my advent calendar for 2 weeks now.

Go and check out what I got in the first week of the advent calendar here.

The second week of goodies included:

Day 8: Umberto Giannini Pom Pom Band which is basically a black bobble with a tattered lace pom pom attached to it. The window for this one was huge so it was very exciting. I'm yet to find a style in my hair in which I could comfortably wear this. I love the way it's dark and quite rustic, so far I think at the front of a 'scruffy' bun looks OK. 

Day 9: Seventeen Supreme Shine Nail Colour in Miami. This is simply a pink nail polish which claims to have up to 10 day wear. I haven't worn this yet so I won't know if it did live up to that length of time. It has a great wide brush for easy application and is a full sized bottle. Although, the colour is a bit standard and not really a unique pink. 

Day 10: Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat. So I recently lost my Basecoat and I was delighted when I saw this behind window 10. I think this is a miniature bottle but I haven't actually tried an Orly polish before so I'm excited for this.  

Day 11: Ghost perfume sample. This is a really long sample and it's not a spray so it's harder to apply. It smells lovely and I love ghost perfumes, I'm glad I got this one. 

Day 12: Boots Salon Nail Car 'Nail Shine Solution'. An average top coat is just what I needed because when I doing nail art I don't like using the expensive top coats incase the colour leaks. It has a really awkward lid that's thick and makes it hard to apply. It promises chip resistance so I can't wait to try it out. 

Day 13: Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes. Another Vichy product! This is a serum for around your eyes that keeps them healthy and it's supposed to make you eyelashes healthy and soft. I haven't tried this one yet, the sample size is tiny. 

Day 14: Juicy Couture perfume sample of Couture La La. I wasn't expecting this. It's a spray sample but it's not really for me. It's really strong for a floral scent but otherwise I think I'll wear it and see what my friends think. 

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  1. You definitely scored! I wish I could have owned one of these cool advent calendars! xoxo

    ♡ Emily ⎜ daisylocks.blogspot.com



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