Mini Lush Haul

I have a Lush haul for you which is surprising because I rarely use Lush products, however after years of not using lush products because of sensitive skin, there's a few products that I took a chance on and decided to try out.

The Karma Bubble bar. OK, I've only tried two bubble bars but so far this one is definitely my favourite. It is sweet orange scented and smells amazing. It's an acquired smell, you either love it or you hate it. In my case, I love it. I'm going to be buying more of these in the future because at the price of £3.25 I got lots of baths out of it. 

The bubbles were amazingly big and the bath water coloured orange.

The next bubble bar I purchase was The Comforter Bubble Bar. This bubble bar is sweet berry scented, a very typical girly smell and definitely for the Sow Fairy lovers. To me, I enjoy the baths with it and the pink water but the smell isn't my favourite. I once had an allergic reaction to Lush's Sweetie Pie Shower Gelly which smells similar to The Comforter, so unfortunately for me, the smell brings back memories. 
This bubble bar is probably the biggest one and for £4.50 the amount of bubble baths you get is so amazing. 

Next is the much loved Lush product Dream Cream. I was eager to try this out but with it being a skin product, I didn't want to dive straight in. I asked for a sample and the lovely lady at the shop have me a genourous amount. 
I was excited to use this because it smells amazingly of lavender and has had big ratings. Although the only downer of this product is that it's not parben-free so for me, it can't be something I would ever use often. 

Honey I Washed The Kids is another popular product from Lush and I was recommend this from the lady in the shop for sensitive skin. It's a moisturising soap and it contains honey which is supposed to lock in moisture. I haven't actually used this soap yet because it's still something I'm a bit unsure about. I asked my mum to use this and she said it's really soft in the skin and definitely moisturising. This was another sample.

Last, the most popular Christmas scent-Snow Fairy Shower Gel. This is only the 100ml bottle (£3.50) and even though it's the smallest bottle, it's going down slowly and it lasts a while. It is the sweetest smell that you'll probably ever smell. You just mix all the smells from your childhood sweets and this is the turn out-in a shower gel. This product contains a paraben so again it's something I am not using religiously. I love the smells of this though and after your shower, the scent stays around on your skin. 

Make sure visit Lush make sure you pick up the alll-year-around magazine and the Christmas issue because they display all of the products you can get.

I'm looking forward to buying more Lush products in the future :)
Let me know your favourite Lush products.


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  2. I absolutely LOVVVVEEE the Snow Fairy shower gel! It's superb!

    cathy from helllo-cathy.wang

  3. I really love the comforter bubble bar !




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