Busy October

Wow, October was one heck of a busy month. Looking back on it all makes me realise how much October has made an effect on me. I decided to do a lifestyle post, but nothing to heavy. This is just me letting you know what exciting things I got up to in October.
I bought some interesting things during October (Clothes, yey), you can let me know if you want to see them in a future post.
October 3rd 2013
To start off the month I took a trip down to London. It was a trip with the school for two nights and we had loads of amazing experiences. We saw two theatre productions: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and War Horse. Visited Shakespeare's Globe, The National Portrait Gallery and (OMG) The BBC Studios.
Excuse the terrible quality picture, I took an old camera.
In Covent Garden we were given time to shop for ourselves. Me and my two friends, Millie and Lucy, went on our travels for some interesting things to do. We got macaroons at the famous Ladurée, and they were so precious. The Lush was great and it had an underground store that was like a cave, I really loved that. We went into the huge Apple store and checked out the iPhone 5C's. Of course, we didn't go to Covent Garden without sitting on the curb and watching the street acts. 
I got Rose Water flavour, mmm.
October 27th 2013
York was calling me for an overnight stay. In York we ate at a restaurant called Rustique, which you should try out if you ever go to York, the food is lovely. I shopped and shopped, shopping in (obviously) Topshop. I bought myself some jeans which I now love and they are my favourites.
We did the 'cat trail' where you get a leaflet and as your walk around the city you look up and around buildings for the historical cat statues that were originally used to scare off the rats. Being a family of cat lovers, we found it fun.
York was only a one night stay so we didn't really have chance to do everything :(.
October 29th 2013
We went to The Trafford Centre, Manchester. This was just a day out for more shopping, mainly browsing around and getting ideas for Christmas presents.
I love the Trafford Centre. It's the perfect place to eat, drink and shop. Selfridges is the main department store there and we looked at the perfumes and I had a sneak-peek in the MAC stand. I spent more time in The Body Shop because I love looking at their offers and Christmas goodies. Again, I couldn't just walk past the Lush shop; I swear it was the smell that loured me in.
We travelled home very late that night, I was sooo tired. The Trafford Centre really exhausts you.
October 30th 2013
Up to Scotland now. I stayed two nights in Edinburgh. I went to see the new film 'Sunshine on Leith'; it was appropriate. The film was really good and I loved seeing it in Edinburgh then going around and seeing all the places they filmed at.
There was lots more shopping to come. George Street is where there is great shops, such as: Jack Wills, Holister, Cath Kidson, Kielh's, White Stuff and Jo Malone.
My mocktail in Tigerlilly. Edinburgh.
On Princes Street there is a lot of the more popular shops like: Urban Outfitters, Primark, H&M, Zara, Swatch (where I got myself a new watch) and... here we go again... Lush.
OMG, I had one of the most amazing experiences in Lush because when I was browsing around, one of the staff members (who are lovely, and were also dressed up because it was Halloween) was talking to me about a few products I was intrigued by and letting me know what I need to know.
When I told her that I was a beauty blogger and that Lush products are they kind of things I blog about and love she was so, so lovely and offered for me to have a exclusive tour around the newly opened Lush Spa below the store.
And WOW! If you've been to a Lush Spa for a tour or a treatment, you will know what I mean when I tell you how magical those places are. It was quite literally like a little cottage below a shop that was on one of the busiest streets in Scotland.
The girls told me about the Spas, showed me all of the different treatment rooms and what the treatments consist of. I loved the tuning forks which she demonstrated on me, they were like little fairies singing into your ears.
The rooms were all lit up different colours with different music, smells and atmospheres in each. There was even a bath room where inside the shower there was lots of different Lush products lined up for your use.
So if you don't know anything about the Lush Spas, head over to their website, find the closest one to you and visit it to ask what it's all about because they're definitely a great idea. If I was going to get a treatment it's either be The Comforter, because it's pink, girly and cosy or The Good Hour because I'm always in need of a massage.
I really love Lush and my love for them is growing, I'd really love to try out all of their products although I have to be careful because I do have sensitive skin (*weep weep*).

So that is my watered down October activities. It's been really fun, adventurous and I've learned a couple of things.
What did you get up to in October?
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  1. Sounds like you had a good October! I'm actually from York hehe! The York Topshop is amazing wouldn't you agree?!!


    1. Yes, definitely!! It's one if my favourites, they alway tend to play good music too :)

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  3. Love the post! I'd really like to read a post about fashion : )



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