Autumn & Winter Essentials

Yey! I love Autumn and Winter, they're my favourite seasons. The clothes get better and everything gets cosier. 

I'd love to share with you, what I believe are the essentials for Autumn and Winter:

Lip Balm: If you're not already, then by the end of winter you'll be a lip balm fanatic. Lips chapp and whither easier in the cold weather, to make sure you keep a hydrating lip product with you, to keep care of your smackers. 

Hot Drinks: It's fine if you're not a fan of hot drinks, but they're a rich source of cosiness. Mmm, there's nothing more comforting than a mug of Tea or Hot Chocolate on a snowy day. 

Onsie: They are a seriously crazy fashion piece, but this winter whilst lounging around in the warmth, you can be as fashionably crazy as you want. Go for a fluffy onsie and you'll have the warmest winter. 

Candles: As the nights get darker, candles become more useful. In the Autumn, the warm fruity smells are best. Then in Winter, the rich, heavy smells are warming. They're also a great [Christmas] present. 

Red Lipstick: Embrace the dark colours of Autumn with red lipstick. Warm up your face with the fiery colour.

Scarves: The variety is endless with scarves. Wear whatever type, colour and style you want to keep your self warm and to complete your outfits. Tartan is in so scarves are the perfect opportunity to show it off. 

Boots: Whether it's ankle boots or slippers, keep your feet and ankles warm with boots this winter. Wellies are the best for the snowy days too. 

Wheat Bags: Wheat bags are a floppy cusion filled with small beads. They can smell like lavender and more. All you do is pop them in the microwave then you have a warmed up pillion/bean bag that can warm you up for hours! It even helps as a pain relief. 

That's my Autumn & Winter essentials. In the comments tell me one of yours. 


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