Why MAC lipsticks don't agree with me.

Firstly, I just want to note that I love MAC products and this is just a lighthearted post. I'm in no way trying to diss MAC products. 

I recently had a desire to buy my first MAC lipstick. Yes, my first. I decided the colour I wanted to go for was a neutral pink shade. The Matte collection appealed to me because they are really pigmented and smooth looking. So the shade I'd seen on the Internet that caught my eye was 'Please Me'. 

After going to a MAC stand in a House Of Fraser I've came to the decision that I don't think MAC lipsticks agree with me. 

Don't get me wrong, MAC Lipsticks are gorgeous, all of the shades are beautiful and they seem to suit any occasion. And at the same time, I'm definitely no expert. 

The lovely guy at the MAC counter helped me out. I showed him how, when I applied it, it went all clumpy and mottled. He told me that I'd need to use a primer. I do use a bit of clear lip balm before I apply lipsticks. He told me that I shouldn't get a matte lipstick if I had such dry lips because it didn't have much moisture. 

So he showed me the cream-sheen collection. These were definitely a lot smoother and when the guy put it onto my hand it had less of a dray than the matte lipsticks. I was worried if these would bleed though, so he suggested an eyeliner. 

Anyway, next I tried the Pro-Longwear range. They had the mid consistency of the both I'd tried before. I really liked the look of it and though this would be the one. Sadly, it still looked blotchy and cracked on my lips *sniffle sniffle*.

If you know what the problem I have is, or what I could do to make it better, please let me. Any advice is appreciated. 

Thank you so much to the lovely gentleman at the conter, he really helped educated me on what lipstick I need. Hopefully one day, I'll find the MAC Lipstick perfect for me. 


  1. I have the same problem,I bought Angel by MAC and it also went blotchy on my lips to! :( x


  2. I used to have this problem, I saw this tip where you put loads of vaseline on your lips and brush over them with a toothbrush, it got rid of the dry 'flaky' looking bits of skin and made lipsticks sit better so you could try that? I always do it if I'll be wearing a matte coloured lipstick as they make any dry patches look so much worse :)
    Hope that helps you

    Meg xx (new follower)


    1. Thank you, I'll definitely try this out and see if it works :)

  3. I find that this happens sometimes :) Love your blog so I've tagged you to do The Second Edition Beauty Blogger Tag!





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