New Buys: Barry M nail products

After seeing these products flying around the web' I've finally decided to purchase them. I really love all of the Barry M nail products, they work wonders and these are my most recently bought products:

•The Nail Paint Corrector pen is something I've been wanting to buy and something that was not part of my nail collection. I've been using a brush and acetone for previous nail 'corrections' and so I decided to take the easier approach and get this corrector pen. The products claims to smell like melons, which it almost does. I was chuffed to find out there was two spare nibs. However now I understand that, due to the staining the nail varnish causes on the pens, they will need to be used. 

• The Nail Art Pen is something I've wanted for a while. I've never had it because I've only just recently stopped using my old one (which is like cement it's that old, even thinners won't work). At first, when I opened it, I was very confused. I saw the white tip and thought: 'hold on, that's not black! Where's the ink?!'  But it turns out, if you read instructions, that helps. I have the Muji gel pen in 0.38, this pen is a lot thicker and is great for outline or bold black, instead of fine detail. I would recommend this product. I'm considering buying the white of this too. 

I'm happy with these buys and can't wait to use them 'til their full potential. 

Items purchased 9/8/13



  1. I'm so happy to see a review of these pens, since they've been out for a while, but seem to go unnoticed. I've used nail correctors before and have never really thought that they work very well, but I might give this one a go again. Xx


  2. The corrector pen looks brill! Makes things a lot easier.

    Rachel x


  3. I'm rubbish with nail art, this looks so easy to use though! x


  4. I bought the black pen too, as well as pink and silver and they're so easy to use xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie



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