Beauty Q&A: With Lucy

Lucy and I decided to do a collaboration post. We did 'Beauty Q&A' which is just a series of beauty questions. We did one half of the questions on my blog and one half on Lucy's. We each have 6 questions each, so once you've read these 6; you can go over and read on other six. Or, if you've come over from Lucy’s blog, then Welcome, I hope you enjoyed the first set of questions, here's the next.

1.If you could create a lipstick to fit all of your needs, what would it need to include?

Lucy: Moisturising, rose water smell, long lasting and matte.
Alice: Hydrating, long lasting colour and matte. 

2.Do you prefer to brush your hair with a comb, brush or tangle teaser? Why?

Alice: Brush, I love my cylinder hair brush because I don't have to flip it into the right direction when I'm in a bit of a rush. 
Lucy: Tangle teaser because it is quicker and gets the tangles out.

3.What beauty routine do you do, but wish you didn't have to?

Lucy: Do my hair, i.e. wash, dry, style, ect.
Alice: Lip blaming before bed, sometimes I get comfy then remember I forgot to apply lip balm. 

4. What's your most used beauty product? Why?

Alice: Lip balm or lipstick. I like too feel moisture on my lips. 
Lucy: I like to add colour onto my lips even if I don't wear loads if makeup, and I like how mascara makes you look more awake.

5.Do you prefer to see someone with fancy nail art or a simple block colour? Why?

Lucy: Fancy nail art because it's pretty. 
Alice: Fancy nail art, I love looking at art that's been done on such a small canvas. It's incredible. 

6. What are your top 4 make-up brands?

Alice: Bourjois, Doir, Barry M, No7.
Lucy: MaXfactor, No7, Dior, TOPSHOP Make-Up.

If you havent already, pop over to Lucy's blog to read the other half of the questions.


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