Review: Rituals Happy Mist

I've had this for a while. I bought it in the York Rituals store, which I love visiting! This is the bed and body mist from part of the 'laughing Buddha' collection. It's Organic Mandarin and Yuzu and smells so fresh and tangy.

What I like: 
I love how easy it is to just freshen yourself up with this if you're in a rush. It's really uplifting and suitable for any time of the day, a wake up smell or a bed smell.

What I don't like:
It doesn't last long, I'd say about 1-2hours. The bottle is too thin and hard to handle.

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE Rituals and all of their products are really fabulous. I can't wait for them to become more introduced into England. I'm really interested in trying the shower foam out of this collection.

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