Nailed It: Shake It 'Til You Samba

I own a mini gelish kit and a UV light. The colours I have are: two pinks, red, white and a darker burgundy colour. This is the most recent colour, Shake It 'Til You Samba. This, outside of the bottle, looks like a brilliantly bright, vibrant pink. When you apply it to the nail it is a crazy, florescent, neon pink that's absolutely fantastic!

For anyone who really wants to get out there this summer, with bold nails to match their bikini or their flip-flops or even just to have a really different kind of colour gelish, this is the colour for you. Gelish is a really reliable brand. If you're planning to buy a gelish nail colour, they are quite price-y but I advise you not to buy them off an online shop. I've spoken to people who have, and they seem unhappy about the result.

So if this year you're planning on getting a nail varnish that'll last a few weeks for holidays, and feel like treating yourself, then a gelish nail polish is perfect.

Do you have any gelish products? 
If so, what colours do you have?
If not, would you like gelish product?

Let me know.
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