Nailed it: New buys from Madrid

1- I visited KIKO in Madrid, they had a selection of every nail colour for only €2.50! In my previous post, I said that I wanted a peach/pastel orange so that was the first colour I went for. I also really wanted a very 'blue' blue. So purchased these two, shown above. 

2- I'm very late getting this and when I finally do get one it's in Spanish... *sigh*. This is the Bourjois 'Magic Nail Polish Remover'. I think I'm so late getting one because I didn't know really whether it was all it said up to be.
 But honestly, I've used it once and it really does work. I've never used or even seen this technique of nail varnish removal before. It's a sponge impregnated with nail polish remover, you dip your finger into it, twist it a little, then when you've removed your finger you have no nail varnish on it. 
 Just a tip- make sure you use it in a ventilated room because, although perfumed, really does smell so strong. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after, it stops any sort of irritation to the skin. 
 Mine was €8.50 from El Corte Inglés, which was definitely more pricey than what it can be bought for in the UK. 
 I actually don't think I'll go back to cotton wool and acetone, again. 

3- FINALLY- I got the Muji 0.38 black gel pen! They're highly recommended and popular. This one was £1.00, approximately €1.18. I bought it for nail art purposes and when I got it home after the holiday I was desperate to try it out, use a top coat and judge if it smudged. Which it didn't, it's so trustworthy, and for people who want to really venture out into fine-nail art this is for you. I'm so glad I finally got it. 


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