High Street Outfit.

All these items/products I've tried, so if you really like this outfit then it's quite dependable.

1- These are the matte, cat eye sunglasses from River Island. A friend of mine bought them recently and they're absolutely gorgeous. The matte affect makes them look really unique and sophisticated. They're so in trend right now. River Island £13.

2-  This is a pink (beige) shell sleeveless top, with scalloped edges. I tried this one on it New Look and it really suited me. The back of it is just plain, the front of it has little holes in it so it's great for summer. New Look £20.

3- I've seen lots of bloggers recommend this brand and one of their most loved collections is the pastel range. This is the pastel orange. It's actually the only nail colour I don't own. So I'm considering splashing out on one of these. Butter London £13.

4- These are high-waisted leopard print shorts from TOPSHOP. They're flow-y like my new Miss Selfridge shorts, they're gorgeous colours and really bright. TOPSHOP £39

5- I tried these on in TOPSHOP recently and honestly, they weren't comfortable but, I am very picky with shoes because they always need to be comfortable. They're really simple, I have a similar pair from Clarks, Clarks Originals, but I love the white straps on these ones. TOPSHOP £35.


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