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Schwarzkopf got2b Salt Spray.

Just randomly, I decided to buy some salt spray. I've heard really good reviews about salt sprays and they seem to be just what I'm looking for. When I wear my hair in a high ponytail, I like it to look a bit messy and ruffled so I use hair spray which doesn't do what I need it to do. Salt spray does.

This is the beach matt, mermaid look texturizing salt spray. As I said it can be used for helping back-combing or messy look or, on the bottle it says to apply it to dry hair then blow dry it to give a mermaid, beach wave look. It's so summer-y and it's a great for a quick natural look.

I didn't know what kind of salt spray was the best, so make sure you let me know if I've gone for the right one?

Let me know.

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