Nailed It: Thank you Mr. Postman

Wow! I've had so many exciting new items arrive in the post for me in just 24 hours. 3 of which were nail art products. So, I'm so excited to show you them, eek!

This is the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint. I've got the BarryM nail paint in Nude but I find it has no colour and it's very watery. Here I have just one coat on my nails and the colour is very vibrant. This is definitly one of my favourite nail varnishes. I love it. 

This is my wheel of fimo fruit slices, but here, what I'm showing are the flat-back pearls. I bought a pack of 250 of them off ebay at 3mm. I blogged about my nail art wheel of studs and in there, there was 30 flat-back pearls but i used them all. So I bought more and are really happy with them.

These are the fimo fruit canes that I ordered off a nail art shop on ebay. They are 5cm hard clay canes that are fruits such as bannana, kiwi, lime, orange, apple, strawberry and more. I got a celection of 20. If anyone's interested in them, buys them then wants to know how to cut them, which does take some practice, then just lets me know.

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