Mini Miss Selfridge Clothes Haul

Pictures really awful. 1) weather :( 2) Camera needs sorting out. So sorry.

I recently went shopping to York. In York there is a huge TOPSHOP and I loved having a look around at all of the clothes and what-not. Upstairs there is a small Miss Selfridge and they had a sale. Honestly, I never usually aim to shop in Miss Selfridge because they do have expensive prices. I went around TOPSHOP looking for a pair of shorts for my holiday in 3 weeks. I wanted a flow-y pair that weren't denim, I found some in Miss Selfridge along with many other clothes. Here's some of them.


My shorts, terrible picture sorry. They are navy with little bows on. They're so soft, flow-y and really comfy. They were originally £30 and I got them in the sale price of an amazing £10. Really happy with that.


I went closer with this picture because seeing the detail was difficult. This a siphon-look tank top with with scalloped edged neck-line and selves and a cut out chest. This was £18, it goes perfectly with my shorts. It's so pretty. Also can be in black


This picture makes the skirt look so limp. This my new denim skater skirt with large pockets on the side. It's so practical, sweet and trendy. It was £20 which is a good price for what it is.


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