Catching Up...

Throughout April I bought some items that I said I'd blog about but never actually did. I may have mentioned some of these in blogposts, so if you've been waiting on them here they are.

1- The first item is my new bracelet that I bought from Cos in Paris. It's called a tube thread bracelet and is available in white, green and pink. I bought this for 5 euros which is £3. It's a little tiny bracelet with a metal, slightly curved, metal tube. I love it because its simple and minimalistic. 

 2- My newest jacket is the one from TOPSHOP MOTO. It's dark denim, lined with a black fur. I bought it because I find it really hard to find a long coat to go with dresses, so eventually I just decided that a short jacket would be better. I blog about this now because, unfortunately, I forgot after I mentioned it here.

3- Lastly, these are my colour wheels. I use these to practise nail art. I've done patterns such as letters, numbers, tartan, bows, polka dots, paisley, batman and even sunset palm trees. In my recent blogpost I featured the colour wheel that I've just started. I might post the wheels individually on instagram if it's requested. 


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