Nailed It: L'Oreal Top Coat Confettis

This is the nail varnish that I've been looking for, for weeks. I had shops ready to email me when it came back in store and I had looked in at least 7 different stores. Thankfully I was given it as a gift last Saturday, I was so, so excited.

This is L'Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat Confettis in black & white. This was recommend on bloglovin' by lots of different nail, fashion and beauty bloggers, as soon as I saw it I was desperate to try it out. I never usually like the idea of chunky glitter top coats, what I think made me love this one so much, was the way the black and white really looked different and stood out.

The top coat is very fine glitter nail varnish with large and tiny hexagon shaped particles of 'confetti'. It suits any colour as it's base coat, on the picture above I just put put it directly onto my nails (which wasn't such a great idea because it's a nightmare to get off), I also used this on a colour wheel with a coral coloured nail varnish as base. If you have or are going to be purchasing this nail varnish I advise you not to get it around the rim of the bottle, if you do the lid becomes really difficult to screw off.


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