My Favourite Item: Entered by Maria


My favourite item: Entered by Maria

Maria says:

This is my vinatge vest. I bought it in a shop called BlancoSuite in Barcelona.
It cost me €29.99 (£25.62).
I chose it because I had never had a vest and because I like a lot to wear clothes that seem old.

I say:

I think it'll be a great garment for the summer because it's thin, so will keep you cool. The tassels make it different and I think it's a lovely vintage piece.

I would:

I would wear this with lots of different coloured vest-tops (sleeveless tops) and some denim shorts. I would avoid wearing this with skater skirts because I don't think the tassels would lay properly. Any shoes would go with this really, I think sandals or brogues would complement the look, especially if you're wanting a vintage look.

Many thanks to Maria for participating. 
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