March Favourites.

Happy April and Easter everyone, here's my favourite products from March.

 1. No7 Lash Adapt: For Buildable Volume in Deepest Black. I've had this mascara a while now and it enables my everyday eyelashes to look natural but long.
2. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fruity & Cheeky Cherry. This is the dry shampoo that everyone knows and loves, including me. I heard about the new cherry flavour and doubted it actually smelt of cherries, but it did. This stuff is so good at keeping my hair refreshed.
 3. Body Shop, Body Scrub in Brazil Nut. This body scrub smells delightful and really does moisturise and exfoliate the skin. It's made with real coco beans from Ghana and can be used for dry skin. I know it's the kind of product you'd just walk past and ignore if you were going into the Body Shop, but you shouldn't. Next time you take a visit to the Body Shop, get yourself a tub and give it a try. I guarantee it'll be worth it.
4. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Voilet. This is quite an old nail varnish of mine but lately I've been enjoying wearing it. It does what it says on the bottel and stays on for up to 5 days (considering you use base and top coat) and it's a lovely spring colour. this is also the nail varnish I like to use when doing nail art 'bows'. you can find a short post about that here.
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