Sunday Shopping:

The results of my 'Sunday Shopping Spree':

1) My new Orange crop top from TOPSHOP, I got this Tee' for £10 and it was one of many colours. Colours varied from blue, to black and white, I was disappointed they didn't have to opportunity to buy a green or yellow version of this, however I definitely wanted the orange anyway. I will be wearing this with my high waisted shorts, my leather skirt and I am thinking of buying a blue version to go with my green jeans and pink jeans. (Comment if you think i should).

2) New Look purse, £5.99 that came in the optional colours of navy smooth leather, or baby blue painted leather. New Look offered a gorgeous range of purses and all of them at a reasonable price. This purse has five card slots, two note/receipt areas, a pictures window, two coin departments separated with a pocket and best of all, it has cute little frills around the edges ;)

3) Not sure what these are called, because it's not a 'hair clip', it's a bobble, but websites call it a hair clip. Hmm.. I'm not sure. Anyway, this hair clip was a brilliant £2.99 from H&M and fortunately I got the last plain one. I would have preferred the silver, but I've now realised that me having brown hair makes the gold contrast better. In stores they do a wide range of different coloured patterned 'metal hair bobbles' from Leopard print, Zebra print, bright pink and even spiky. It's easy to put on your hair, all you need to do is use the bobble to tie your hair up, then clip on the metal band.

I hope this has influenced your next shopping trip, make sure to tell me if so.
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