Nailed It: Black Tips

For smart, black tip nail art, follow these steps.
  1. Take off any excess nail varnish, wash hands and buff and file nails.

2. Paint on a clear base coat, I used AVON.

3. Once the base coat is dry, put strips of adhesive paper or tape onto your nails leaving the tips uncovered.

4. Using a black nail varnish paint the tips of your nails. It's OK if it goes on the paper/tape. I used AVON 'matte black' because it dries incredibly fast.

5. Peel away the paper/tape and touch up any mistakes. It doesn't matter if you get any on your fingers, it'll come off later.

6. Paint on a top coat, I used one with fine glitter in it or a bit of sparkle.

To see it completely finished visit my Instagram


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