Nailed It: One Different Coloured Nail

This week I shall be going on a short trip to Liverpool, England. Today, in preparation for the visit, I will be painting my nails pink. But with pink being one of my favourite colours, I can never actually choose which shade.

So I went with the 'one different coloured nail' effect. The idea of having your nails painted one colour then one finger a different colour originally comes from the wedding finger nail being painted gold to represent rings. But now there's another level. Lots of people and celebrities have been spotted wearing nail varnish to go with their outfits then one finger nail painted a colour that contrasts well with the colour of the outfit.

I am going to be painting my nails a light shade of pink then doing one finger (probably ring finger on both hands) the darker shade. I think this is a simple idea to keep your nails looking interesting!
I'll be using both pinks from AVON.


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