New Clothes!!

  High waisted 'Levi' shorts and a two tone shirt-Tartan and Denim.

At the weekend I went to York, shopping. I found myself buying two items of clothing that I really loved, so I thought I'd share them with you;

From Urban Outfitters I got myself a pair of high waisted Levis shorts. When trying them on I was told it was hard to find a pair that fit each person's figure. So after trying eight pairs on I found my size. The shop had a range between light coloured denim shorts and dark coloured. I chose light because I will want to be wearing these shorts in the summer.
From DEEP. Deep is a vintage clothing shop that, unfortunately, I think is only located in Northern England. This shirt I bought was tartan with denim sleeves. The shop had a whole rail full of two toned shirts. Being the lover of tartan and denim, I am, this shirt was perfect for me.
 Shorts- £35.00
Shirt- £24.00


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