My Favourite Products: Hair Products

Favourite hair produts are next. I've decided to share my daily products with you..

First is the Schwarzkopf 'got2b Blasting Freeze Spray'. this bottle has 'glued' written on it, and it does exactly that. This hairspray is fantastic for styling. it's the best hairspray I've used.

Secondly, Batiste 'Dry Shampoo XXL Volume - Big and Bouncy'. This was the first dry shampoo I'd ever tried and it's set a good example for the rest. I love Batiste products and I have a miniture 'Dry Shampoo Cherry - Fruity & Cheeky'. Dry shampoo is a life saver, I use it all the time when my hair looks limp and needs a bit of a lift.

Next, Trevor Sorbie 'Beautifully Staightened Protect, Flattern and Shine Spray'. This is a spay I use when straightening my hair. I straighten my hair often and this leaves it with no frizz, no cotters and no damaged split ends. It's a great shine hair and protects my hair from being damaged by heat.

Finally, my dougnut. Whenever my hair is greasy, or when I want to get my hair up and out of my face using a dougnut is simple and neat. If I am using this when I have greasy hair I tend to spray dry shampoo on afer it's up, then my hairspray.

Thank you for reading.

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